Watch our 2 min. video that details the steps to funding.

Are you an expert Forex trader? Or are you just a beginner in Forex trading? Maybe you have intermediate Forex trading skills?

Are you skilled but in need of trading capital? Or you are skilled and established but just in search of a new trading adventure?

No matter your Forex trading experience, Fidelcrest Trading Challenge is the perfect avenue to show your skills and stand a chance of getting funded after doing so.

Fidelcrest Trading Challenge allows you to get up to TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS  in GUARANTEED FUNDING when you prove you can trade by meeting specific money and risk management objectives.

All you have to do is to sign up for one of our simulated account types ranging from $25,000, $50,000, $100,000, and $200,000

Too good to be true? Well, this is how it works:

Imagine you choose our most popular, the one with a buying power of $100,000. Know that the amount you choose here is the amount you will be able to get at the end!

First, CHALLENGE. You prove you can trade  by reaching a 10% Profit Target. The trading style? You choose. Instruments and position size? Your choice.

Second, VERIFICATION. The objective of the Verification is to verify, for the last time, that you have a solid and consistent strategy.  The differences in the Trading Objectives between the Challenge and the Verification are in the Profit Target and in the Time Period. The Profit Target is reduced by 50%  and the Trading Period is extended to 60 days. No rushing!

As soon as you meet the Trading Objectives of the Challenge and the Verification, congratulations! You will then become the Fidelcrest Trader. You will be allocated to trade our live account funded with ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS in initial capital, the exact amount you chose at the beginning!

Now you will start making 70% OF YOUR PROFITS. The only objectives you must follow as FIdelcrest Trader are the Maximum Daily Loss, Maximum Loss and Minimum Trading Days. Maximum Daily Loss of $10,000. Maximum Loss of $20,000. 50% Positive Days.

The good news? These three objectives are protected by our proprietary software! And we will no longer require you to meet the Profit Target or other Trading Objectives.

Hence, proceed. Sign up for our Trading Challenge.

Prove you can trade.

Verify you have a solid and consistent strategy by meeting our profit target within the trading period.

Then start trading our capital and receiving 70% of profits.