Read the New Challenge Rules Before Trading!

New Challenge Rules Fidelcrest

We have implemented new rules for each account type regarding the Trading Challenge. These new rules give you the opportunity to pass the Trading Challenge easier using the Micro Accounts. We strongly advise new traders to read the rules carefully before starting trading in order to understand what rules they must comply with and what are the benefits of trading at Fidelcrest.

The rules can be found at the bottom of the homepage or in the Detailed Explanation section of the header. Also, when you sign up, you will receive the rules in your email. Contact us for any questions or if you need help understanding them. Our Support Team can be contacted here.

We want you to have the best trading experience while being able to earn as much as you can with the type of strategy you have chosen. Each type of strategy (Low-Risk, Medium Risk and Aggressive) has its own rules that you should read and agree to prior to starting trading.

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